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UK Learning Trip

The yearly Uk trip - and for the second time Jovin Chia was set to go. Flying on the 10 September and returning to Singapore on 19 September. Learning is never enough. To be further developed is constantly on our mind. The days were filled with workshops after workshops. Jovin headed back with a bag of knowledge and all ready to guide even more!

uk learning trip

uk learning trip1

uk learning trip2

Hong Kong Learning Trip

The 3 days 2 nights learning trip to Hong Kong! The winners (8 of them) led by Adrian and Youjia touched down in Hong Kong on Sunday and soaked themselves with some thrills at Ocean park before serious learning kicks in for the next 2 days.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words!

Hong Kong learning trip

Hong Kong learning trip1

Hong Kong learning trip3

Hong Kong learning trip4

Hong Kong learning trip5

Hong Kong learning trip6

Redwoods Bi-monthly centre visit

Fulfilling our bi-monthly visit, where we did detox exercise, had patient sharing sessions and also an award session - to Ryn Lim. One of the reasons why we are doing what we are doing, just because we believe that nothing can buy the happiness we get when we know that what we do actually brings a difference to some others.

bi monthly centre visit

bi monthly centre visit1

bi monthly centre visit2


Visit to wellness centre

The time spent at the client¹s wellness centre, learning how to do CPR and understanding the client more! Always bringing us back to why we are here!

wellness center

wellness center1

wellness center2

Our nation Mr. Lee, once again!

Certainly gives us great joy to chance upon Mr. Lee through another event of ours! The team spirit soared with Mr. Lee presence. Indeed an honor, always.

redwoods mr lee

Our nation Mr. Lee

Mr lee


The team bumped into Mr. Lee during one of the event, where the friendly Mr. Lee took a photo with them. What an honor!


SG50 celebration - The Redwoods team amazing race

In conjunction with the SG50, Redwoods team held an amazing race co-ordinated by the respective heads. The day started early approximately 1030am where the team was given color pencils to sell off so to earn some funds for the race. The second stop was to identify a landmark and be there to solve the third puzzle. The fourth point was to find a location from a map given. The fifth is to go to another landmark that was spelt in russian. The second last point is to find merlion and sing the latest 2015 national day song and with that, to the final destination where its at the heart of CBD area.

The race took 2 hours and slightly more - no better way to spend the day National day holidays!

SG50 celebration

SG50 celebration

SG50 celebration

SG50 celebration

Workshop in KL - where learning never stops

10 to 12 August, off we (the Ops, Jovin Chia and Rodney Tan) go to Kuala Lumpur for more learning and self development. It is a full 3 days of non-stop learning so to further quip ourselves for the betterment for the team.

workshop in kl

workshop in kl

workshop in kl

Redwood Advance Pte Ltd - Alliance General Meeting

Our general meeting is held 6 weekly, as usual. However this time, there are more people involved. The day started at 1130am, with an agenda of things to brainstorm on and ended close to 7pm. The day ended with a nice and cosy dinner together.

Alliance General Meeting

Alliance General Meeting

Alliance General Meeting

Redwoods quarterly R and R, at Langkawi!

19 May, both the HR head and OP flew off to attend a meeting and a workshop respectively. It was a strategy meeting hence other delegates from other countries also flew in so to brainstorm together. The day ran through productively and the workshop was packed with loads of knowledge. After which, we had a group dinner together – speaking to the other delegates and expanding our understanding on what works for other countries.

The rest of the delegates flew in the next day – where we all went for our respective workshops. With the topics in line, it was yet another full day of  learning. The day ended with a cocktail session, with more delegates this time for even more in depth conversations.

The 3rd day was with half day workshop with free and easy after. We didn’t stop our learning when the workshop ended, we went on meeting up with other delegates from other countries. The questions flew out one after another so to fill up our ever-inquisitive-and-want-to-learn-more mentality.  When the sun starts to set, we headed back to our room to prepare for the dinner and dance cum awards session.

We were all dressed up for the black tie dinner and dance event, went to the ball room and await for the session to begin. The award presentation that we looked so forward to is without a doubt our newly advanced OP, Jovin Chia. Jovin went through a series of challenges throughout the years with us, and now he has earned himself the award and that made all of us really overjoyed. With the end of the session, comes the party – where we all let our hair down and enjoyed ourselves.

The next day, we had our free and easy again where we headed out for some muscles relaxing session (massage) and sumptuous seafood such as lobster! In the evening, we then headed for a casual performance dinner and ended the night with KTV that is filled with great laughters.

The workshops never fail to bring us greater knowledge and always leave us with clearer directions. Looking forward to the next!

The quarterly R and R langkawi

The quarterly R and R langkawi1

The quarterly R and R langkawi2

The quarterly R and R langkawi3

The quarterly R and R langkawi4

The quarterly R and R langkawi5

The quarterly R and R langkawi6

The quarterly R and R langkawi7

The quarterly R and R langkawi8

The quarterly R and R langkawi9

The quarterly R and R langkawi10

Alliance Group Meeting cum workshop!

The first time ever that we took the AGM to another country – Malacca! All that went, apart from the senior team, were all that has shown great results in performance.

We gathered early for the ride in a personal coach and reached Malacca as planned, with AGM starting at 1pm. The agenda was full however fulfilling. Day one ended with the team at Jonker Street and some chill session.

Day 2 started early at 830am and the real learning begins. Each speaker went for their topics respectively and some Q and A sessions after which. The time got extended due to the eager learning mentality of the attendees. We then headed for our team activity – Go Kart and Paint Ball! Awesome fun and team work filled the second half of the day before we headed for sumptuous nyonya dinner. The day didn’t end just there, we didn’t forget to let our hair down with some fun party!

This trip definitely brought new learning to all and bringing the relationship to the next level!

alliance group meeting cum workshop
alliance group meeting cum workshop1
alliance group meeting cum workshop2
alliance group meeting cum workshop3
alliance group meeting cum workshop4
alliance group meeting cum workshop5
alliance group meeting cum workshop6
alliance group meeting cum workshop7
alliance group meeting cum workshop8
alliance group meeting cum workshop9