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The learning just got extended - Korea and Busan

21 - 26 March

The friendship we forged that leads to more exchange for betterment for the team and as a whole for the organisation.

learning got extended korea and busan

learning got extended korea and busan1

learning got extended korea and busan2

HR workshop

24 February 2016

A full day of upskilling and development session for the support team!

hr workshop feb 2016

hr workshop feb 2016 1

International (UK) and Thailand guests visit!

15 AND 19 February 2016 respectively

A team of 15 and 5, respectively, came for learning and for strengthening the friendship!

uk thailand team visit

uk thailand team visit1

uk thailand team visit2

uk thailand team visit3

Hong Kong – 14 days of Road Trip

21 January  – 4 February 2016

With unexpected weather condition of 2 degree celsius, the team geared themselves with thick clothing and heat pads. The trip made all individual gained exposure and stronger mentality.

hongkong 14days road trip

hongkong 14days road trip1

hongkong 14days road trip2

Alliance Family Day

18 January 2016

The first Alliance Family Day, where games were played to foster even better relationships and enhancement of team work which is definitely the key to an organisation success!

alliance family day 1

alliance family day 2

alliance family day 3

Korea convention 2016

14 - 17 January 2016
Korea Convention (Seoul) 2016

A winter trip up Seoul, where the team experienced snow with a temperature of as low as -11 degrees!
We got to know how the Koreans work - such great positivity and ambition! From a 100 odds manpower size to now close to 400, all within a span of a year. What an eye opener and great learning!

korea convention 2016 1

korea convention 2016 2

korea convention 2016 3

Strategy Meeting for year 2016

Due to the packed travel for the month of December 2015, we brought the meeting to a nearby country – Johor Bahru. It  was a 3 days 2 nights travel that consisted of a half day workshop and a full day meeting. To spice things up, with the 2 apartments that we had, we decided to each whip up a dish!

Apart from the learning and goals setting, it was warm to have all of us putting effort for each other’s tummy – totally yummy in our tummy indeed!

Strategy Meeting for year 2016 1

Strategy Meeting for year 2016

Strategy Meeting for year 2016 2

Strategy Meeting for year 2016 3

Strategy Meeting for year 2016 4


Learning Trip - Thailand

A trip packed with loads of learning where we travelled to both Bangkok and Chonburi
- shopping on the first day on the 13 of December
- 14 and 15 December where exchange of learning starts

A picture paints a thousand words indeed, and more of such to come!

learning trip thailand

learning trip thailand1

learning trip thailand2

Rally Convention 24 - 26 November 2015, Kuala Lumpur

A big year (2015) for us indeed. Where we headed into KL with 1 Organisational Head, 2 Ownership awards and 1 Organisational Head Administrator award.

We went a day earlier where we had massage and organisational dinner together. The second day was mainly focused on rally, which started at 2pm. The event was simply amazing and everyone was filled with smiles, picking up their awards. Straight after, we headed to Movita for the after rally party, co-hosted with the Korea counterparts. The night ended well and we set back to Singapore the next day.

rally convention 2015nov

rally convention 2015nov1

rally convention 2015nov2

rally convention 2015nov3

rally convention 2015nov4

rally convention 2015nov5

rally convention 2015nov6

Asian Convention 2015 Newest Advancement


Adrian Chua

Organisational Head Award


Amy Lim

Organisational Head Administrator Award


Jovin Chia

Ownership award
Rising Star Owner award


Rodney Tan

Ownership award