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Redwoods Advance Service Award

We took this day to say 'Thank You' for the efforts across these 6 years. Jas Koh Xin Lin's dedication, without a doubt, contributed to where Redwoods is today, where MD (Adrian Chua) presented a Tiffany  Infinity bracelet along with an appreciation certificate.

Infinity bracelet where it means that our partnership will stay true and infinite. Our sincere appreciations for all you have done, and we are sure in future many more.

service award nov 2016

service award nov 2016 1

service award nov 2016 2


The trip of the year, I must say! An absolute mind blowing place to rejuvenate the body and soul! Where all the talents get-together to exchange ideas, initiatives and more importantly knowledge. A blast of continuous sharing and more sharing, that filled our bags with so much!

Work hard, learn much and we play hard too! We  witnessed David Guetta live! What an awesome experience!!! Such an amazing trip that totally blew our mind!

race to ibiza

race to ibiza1

race to ibiza2

race to ibiza3

race to ibiza4

race to ibiza5

race to ibiza6

race to ibiza7

race to ibiza8

Redwoods Advance Special Recognition

Special Recognition to the performers!


gladys chng

lim li


ling wan

Great job for your work ethics and effort placed!

Redwoods Advance At Melbourne

4 October to 9 October 2016

A forward looking trip for the team to work towards to, where they attended a series of workshops and meetings. Led by Jovin Chia and brought along 2 of the team mates (Gnanam and Livi) - where both worked hard to go there.
It was indeed an eye opener to both where they got to see how different offices operate and totally understand learning never stops.

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Korea trip, The meeting!

Korea 25 to 29 September 2016

Yet another trip that was filled with loads of learning and networking! A country that we won't miss for anything for the friendship forged together. Till the next, where they will be coming to Singapore instead!

korea trip the meeting

korea trip the meeting1

korea trip the meeting2

korea trip the meeting3

Rewoods Advance Appreciation Day

26 July 2016

Appreciation day for Owners where the team bought pens (engraved) for the management team. A heart warming and appreciative moment, to remember.

appreciation day

appreciation day1

appreciation day2

Redwoods Advance new partner -Teo Kajie

26 July 2016

The new partner, Teo Kajie, Official Advancement

Another achievement unlocked for both Redwoods Advance and Teo Kajie himself. To even better partnership and future!

"We believe to constantly provide ppportunities to our people, and give them room to grow"

Official Advancement

Administrative Conference 2016!

June 29 to 3 July

A yearly affair that brings the team of all 7 countries together! We learn and we had fun!

administrative conference 2016 1

administrative conference 2016 2

administrative conference 2016 3

administrative conference 2016

Future Vice President Meeting (Canopi)

28 June to 1 July

A 4 days 3 nights workshop where delegates from not just Singapore but Japan and Korea. It was planned with team bonding activities on the first day so for all delegates to know each a little better. The following 1.5 days were all learning as a group and even down to loads of mini catch ups. A power packed learning workshop indeed that also bridges the countries together at the same time!

future vice president meeting

future vice president meeting1

future vice president meeting2

future vice president meeting3

future vice president meeting4

Redwoods - R and R (Phuket)

25 - 28 May 2016

The time of the year for the R and R in Phuket where the light shines once again for the award winners! Congratulations to Lilian Wong, Zant Goh, Annie Tan and Teo Kajie!

r and r phuket

r and r phuket1

Core Values Winner (May 2016)

An excellent job done by Lilian Wong Jia Rong who displayed core values characteristics in all that she undertakes.

lilian wong jia rong

Lilian Wong Jia Rong

“Receiving this award is a huge encouragement and recognition from the team and my mentors. To me, the importance for an organization to have a set of core values and really live by it is because it signifies the heartbeat of the company. People work more effectively as a team when they are aligned and have the same beliefs. Core values should start from each and every individual, attracting like-minded people to stick together and create better future for the organization but most importantly, for our people.”