Redwoods Advance at Owners R&R and Awards Dinner...

A team from Redwoods Advance had the privilege to attend the 2012 Owner's Invitational R&R and Awards Dinner at the beautiful Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, Thailand. This year's R&R Meet had more exciting things in store, over and above the vast amount of networking and learning picts-3


For the first time, Owners R&R invited newly promoted Team Leaders to congratulate them on their promotional success after including a new category called 'Promotion'.

This time the R&R saw top performers on the red carpet from around the region receiving Premier Awards for their achievements in the last 12 months time. The Awards Dinner took place on a fantastic Friday evening, and it was the first black tie event at the R&R.


During the Award Night, Adrian Chua- Managing Director of Redwoods received his 2011 overrides amount of $115,130.43. Zen Lin grabbed the most consistent award which amounted USD $5,000. The Administrator of the year award went to Amy Lim who won a Longines Watch.


After the Award function, all the team members met outside for a cocktail party.

Redwoods Advance Aussie Trip

Holiday in Australia, with Redwoods Advance

Redwoods Advance is here to explore Australia, which the UN says is “the second best country in the world”.

Be it life expectancy, safety on the streets, human/economic development, Australia tops the chart, than other leading countries of the world.

Here, are pictures of Australia from the gallery of Redwoods Advance Singapore.

Aussie - Amy

Aussie - Amy 2

Aussie - Andy  Rodney  Jerry

Aussie - Bondi Beach

Aussie - Jas  Amy 3

Aussie - Jas  Amy

Aussie - Jas

Aussie - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Aussie - Workshop

Aussie 2

Aussie 5

Aussie 3