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The Future Vice President Meeting

Expanded learning and extension of friendship from Korea,
Hong Kong and Japan! A great 3 days 2 nights in TURI!

the future vice president meeting

the future vice president meeting1

the future vice president meeting2

the future vice president meeting3

the future vice president meeting4

the future vice president meeting5

Redwoods 6 Weekly Retreat in Johor Bahru and Farm

6 weekly RETREAT in Johor Bahru and farm visit!
Where learning and development has always been the core of what we believe in. Another 2 days 1 night filled with up-skilling and bonding!

weekly retreat johor bahru and farm

weekly retreat johor bahru and farm1

weekly retreat johor bahru and farm2

weekly retreat johor bahru and farm3

Redwoods Advance Team! BBQ - Better Bonding Qoo!

An afternoon spent together where big droplets fell onto us but we got lucky as it cleared off after an hour or so. Rainbow was found right above us and the night continues with laughter and fun! 

redwoods better bonding qoo

redwoods better bonding qoo1

redwoods better bonding qoo2

Award Day May 2017

Its the Awards Day again, where hard work gets to be recognised!

award day may 2017

award day may 2017i

award day may 2017ii

Redwood Advance Conference 2017

CONFERENCE once again, the first to kick start the year in 2017! This time we decided to go into a massive bungalow to stay! The learning continues and the bonding is brought to another new level! Awesome time in Kuala Lumpur indeed!

conference 2017

conference 2017i

conference 2017ii