Redwoods Advance Team! BBQ - Better Bonding Qoo!

An afternoon spent together where big droplets fell onto us but we got lucky as it cleared off after an hour or so. Rainbow was found right above us and the night continues with laughter and fun! 

redwoods better bonding qoo

redwoods better bonding qoo1

redwoods better bonding qoo2

Redwood Advance Conference 2017

CONFERENCE once again, the first to kick start the year in 2017! This time we decided to go into a massive bungalow to stay! The learning continues and the bonding is brought to another new level! Awesome time in Kuala Lumpur indeed!

conference 2017

conference 2017i

conference 2017ii

AGM! 16 and 17 Feb 2017

A tad distance away into Malaysia, Bukit Indah!
An effective 3 days 2 nights where alignment, directions, development and fun all coincide.
Till the next!

agm feb2017

agm feb2017 1

agm feb2017 2

agm feb2017 3

agm feb2017 4

2017 - Chinese New Year

Chinese New year! We had a day of fun games on the eve and invited the lion dance troop on the day of start work!

chinese new year

chinese new year1

chinese new year2

chinese new year3

FG Retreat Redwoods Advance Pte

Another retreat! Its a 2 monthly retreat where we come together to learn and progress and where it strengthens the relationship to the next level!

fg retreat dec 2016

fg retreat dec 2016 1

fg retreat dec 2016 2

fg retreat dec 2016 3

Rally Convention in Hong Kong!

The yearly (regional) award session starts from Hong Kong and with our very own Country Manager (Singapore), Adrian Chua! A short and sweet trip this was, where MD (Adrian) brought a small team up to attend the rally and some sightseeing. Next in line is Korea. Looking forward!

rally convention in hong kong

rally convention in hong kong1

rally convention in hong kong2

rally convention in hong kong3

Redwoods Advance Service Award

We took this day to say 'Thank You' for the efforts across these 6 years. Jas Koh Xin Lin's dedication, without a doubt, contributed to where Redwoods is today, where MD (Adrian Chua) presented a Tiffany  Infinity bracelet along with an appreciation certificate.

Infinity bracelet where it means that our partnership will stay true and infinite. Our sincere appreciations for all you have done, and we are sure in future many more.

service award nov 2016

service award nov 2016 1

service award nov 2016 2


The trip of the year, I must say! An absolute mind blowing place to rejuvenate the body and soul! Where all the talents get-together to exchange ideas, initiatives and more importantly knowledge. A blast of continuous sharing and more sharing, that filled our bags with so much!

Work hard, learn much and we play hard too! We  witnessed David Guetta live! What an awesome experience!!! Such an amazing trip that totally blew our mind!

race to ibiza

race to ibiza1

race to ibiza2

race to ibiza3

race to ibiza4

race to ibiza5

race to ibiza6

race to ibiza7

race to ibiza8

Redwoods Advance Special Recognition

Special Recognition to the performers!


gladys chng

lim li


ling wan

Great job for your work ethics and effort placed!